Who Will Know

Who Will Know combines ethnic folk roots with neo-classical arrangements, creating a landscape of subtle moods and impressions. Besides composing and arranging, Sohre also provided vocals, guitars, piano, percussion and further visual aspects of natural sound effects. Instrumentation is diverse, yet holds a common thread throughout.




Chris had the pleasure of working with several talented musicians, mainly located in the Northwest (Seattle and San Francisco); Stephen Kent on didgeridoo, Jami Sieber on electric cello, Amy Denio on accordion, several gifted horn and string ensemble players, as well as bass (fretless 5 string & electric 6), drums and loads of cool hand percussion.


Drums were recorded at Flora Studios by Tucker Martine. Final mixdown was engineered to analogue at Ironwood Studios in Seattle by John Herchenrider, former co-owner of Colorado Concert Sound. John's credits include sound provision for many artists of distinct genres, such as BB King, Frank Zappa, Bonnie Raitt, Miles Davis, Leo Kottke and The New York Philharmonic.

Photographic images were shot in London, UK and near Köln, Germany) by Marty Eigenberger.

See detailed Credits & Audio Samples for all songs.