An educational video created out of (continued) concern for our planetary progress.


to other worlds

This song is about hope and desire. Hope for making this planet into the world it could be, with the desire to travel to other worlds vastly evolved and enlightened. It's just a vision; vague but bright. Beyond hate and fear. Beyond suffering and death.

Byla Cesta

An early 19th centrury Moravian Folk Song

From a distinct dialect of the Czech language, byla cesta means: 'there exists a path.' I imagine it as: 'wandering through this transitory life.' The video is a simple montage ~ intending to show the richness of terrain in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, southern France. Footage was filmed at the Eglise du Trou and the medieval village of Minerve, both close to the artist retreat ~ La Belle Ancienne. Audio can be found on my Winter CD.

Country Ancient

Educational Music Video

This video was used as a tool in European primary schools and for environmental awareness groups. Produced by University of Wyoming Television manager, Tony Pedersen..


Through The Looking Glass


A few musical moments ~ solo and collaborations ~ highlighting a partial list of gifted musicians I have been humbled to play and/or record with on this earthly adventure. An Understanding is on my album, Makria.

Interview in Greece


Outline from an extensive music interview produced in Thessaloniki, Greece for European Television 3.