"Chris Sohre [so-ray] is a rather illusive creature, mysterious as her music. Eclectic and evocative, her songs - like spider silk, drift around the world. Delicate, but holding open ears fast in their loom of melodic enchantment; fleeting echoes remain."

~ Hans Niemantsverdriet, Dutch Public Radio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Music ~ A Universal Language

If there's a time to bring the world closer together, it's NOW.
The message is love.


Curious minds question everything. Innately, we all want to be free. With compassion and deeper understanding, the creative spirit will flourish.


We can be a powerful and giving solo force. As an ensemble, we thrive in diversity, learning from each other, gleaning further inspiration. It's important to speak your truth.


Though this site largely exists to share my music with you, I believe an uplifting of ALL the arts is crucial. Many spend their entire lives in poverty while enriching the planet with their gifts. Please support the arts however you can.

Artist Retreat

La Belle Ancienne

  An Ancient Beauty

La Belle Ancienne has thrived with energy among artists from around the globe; writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, videographers... The View

  The Conception

~ is to provide a creative space for those helping to make this a better world for us all. On that note, I urge you to watch this timely documentary film.

  Live the Change

This is a non-profit venture, separate from holiday house rates. Contact me for details.

"As you shift from out to inner fields
Your heart the center of the soul
Embrace the love you are
This radiant alive and sacred wisdom source
The body is an eye unfolding the experience
Through all vibration letting go of ego
Dance the energy wheel"

[from Love Light Up on Light Years Away CD]