We live in a zeitgeist that is both exciting and full of positive energy - - - yet at the same time we are continually force fed by a handful of puppeteers. Seems their intention is to sedate the masses from thinking for themselves; turning the public into acquiescent minions...

I would like to believe that there is hope. People are increasingly sensing and challenging this corrupt system - enough to create massive change if we stand united and refuse to play the game any longer. But as long as we stay comfortably numb, we have no excuse but to accept these symptoms as a  culture in decline.

Perhaps a strange introduction for a music website but I have felt strongly about these issues for many years and am grateful for the intelligent documentaries accessible to anyone with a computer, the internet and a mind to comprehend.

Bottom line:   Question everything.  Do the research.  It's time to WAKE UP.

( blah blah blahs )