Fleeting Echoes...

This is where much of it goes down.... the vibes at Fleeting Echoes are fantastic.
Another ancient beauty is this Victorian Era upright piano. I am simply having a blast playing with her!



In the midst of recording, I was pleasantly gifted with this beautiful contraption - an ergonomic computer table, allowing me to stretch and move with the flow. What a great invention for mind, body and soul!


A big thank you to Tom Abbott, station manager of KFSK Public Radio in Petersburg, Alaska. He hosts a two hour program - "Now and Then" - every Saturday evening from 8-10 pm, featuring an artist of his choice. I was honoured to have my musical works showcased, this leading to current airplay on their station (and subsequent sales :-). For those of you on the fringe, check out his show if you can!


Compositions from The NIght Between will be presented on KEAO 91.5 FM Wednesday evening (29 April) hosted by the lovely musician and dj programmer, Alana Cini. Showtime for this streaming audio station starts at 8 pm Hawaii Standard TIme. Mana'o Radio comes to you from Wailuku on Maui, Hawaii - listener supported and commercial free - featuring eclectic sounds from around the world.


Tony Kaltenberg - flat picking/hammering guitarist, brimming with energy uplifting ~
Jarrod Kaplan - now here's a fine percussionist ~ who ran off and joined the circus!
Michael Manring - this man brings a whole new meaning to the bass guitar...

I rolled down to Portland, OR to catch some sounds from friends and musical acquaintances. If you haven't already heard, I'd like to tune you in to their awesome talent.



Celebrating Sarah and Michael's special day


Here's to highlights of jamming with the boys at that 4th of July reunion gig!



Proceeded by a Mardi Gras-style parade

I had the pleasure to attend a most unconventional event - hands down, it was the coolest wedding I have ever attended. The whole shindig took place on Lake Michigan and everything was beyond compare; the people, the scenery, the weather, the food and drink, the music, the bonfire, the chinese sky lanterns floating off over the water into a blue moon...'twas all truly magical.

This footage of the parade was only the beginning of the day and though it may not do justice (walking around with a hand-held camera at five feet five), I sure had a blast trying!

Congratulations, Thomas and Amanda!!


Party in Puisserguier

~ the annual Fête de la Musique Prématurée celebrates 20 years of music and art in the Languedoc ~


Through the Looking Glass  

What fun it was to assemble a time capsule of musical moments shared with a wide array of gifted musicians in different lands. And all the lovely comments received were worth every bit of the venture, not to mention a great way to reconnect with fellow free spirits!   



I was contacted by a good friend of mine who ran across this photo and was sure it was me... seemed logical, for I was in France at the time, though not in Paris... or was I?
Hmmm, could this be my doppelgänger?

You might like to check out more of Jean-Phillippe Jouve's street photography collection; it's quite the diversity of shadows and light!


Rêverie philosophique...

Aujourd'hui... un beau jour... et pensées ~ ~ en français! C'est une bonne pratique pour moi. Hmm. Qui suis-je? Qui sommes-nous?

Bien que nous le fassions toujours compliqué, notre quintessence peut se résumer dans un mot; Amour. Quand nous apaisons le broutement dans nos cerveaux peut nous puis éprouver la puissance d'une conscience plus élevée et de notre interconnexité à la Source et au Centre.


Thank you ~ multifarious and open-minded individuals out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean ~ and to the surfers around the world. Finding that my compositions are receiving awareness in Hawaii and on KEAO's streaming audio during the past weeks is a real thrill!
A special thanks to Ms Cini for giving her listeners some background on me and my oeuvre.


Assignan is spreading her wings to invite art, music, dining, wine-tasting and more! 

After spending another three months in southern France, I returned to the valley with a head full of color. Wow - what a transformation in my little village of Assignan! The coolest part is that an art gallery has just opened to the public and this summer will mark the first for music festivals held there. Looking forward to the artist retreat (La Belle Ancienne) being able to host and showcase artisans from hither and yon!


Église du Trou

I'm partial to old and obscure structures ~ especially those bestowing a challenge... guess this one fits the bill! I have been asked to perform a musical composition using this area as a backdrop. Respectfully stepping lightly, I look forward to the mission.


Autumn palette in the Languedoc

Time for another jaunt across the big pond. Once again, I look forward to the experience of harvest season in southern France ~ with its amazing wines...

On another euphonic note: I got an email from friend and musical colleague, Mr Manring, who's been featured on the cover story for Bass Musician Magazine. Way to go, Michael!


Calling all artists!

Pleasant news ~ a big beautiful wood stove was installed for wintery nights at La Belle Ancienne. The artists retreat vision is really coming to fruition. Most recently, La Belle hosted a photographer, followed by a musician, and now a writer. I am so pleased to be able to share my abode with those who appreciate a simple quiet life inside the creative process. I encourage you to contact me for details on applying for an extraordinary adventure in the south of France.

... to a retreat in an old Roman village - La Belle Ancienne.

This 'Ancient Beauty' is certainly steeped in character and for the past few years has thrived with energy amongst artists from around the globe; writers, painters, musicians, videographers and even a sculptor. So it's not so far-fetched to imagine this gîte as a bona fide retreat. The conception is for the producer to create, leaving some form of art behind, thereby cultivating a richness of diversity in and around La Belle's ancient stone walls.
I would need to ask a nominal fee for each guest (to cover expenses) and available time slots would run from mid-October through mid-April. I posted a slideshow with a glimpse of this fascinating region and welcome your thoughts should you have some ideas on a travelling adventure... So check out the site if you'd like further enticement and feel free to contact me for more information.


Byla Cesta

Project is now up and running on the video page in this site and YouTube. The region Languedoc-Roussillon is absolutely breathtaking... I hope you enjoy it!


Bédarieux  (by Marie-josé Vigroux)

As mentioned awhile back, I have been wanting to showcase my friend, Marie Vigroux's photography of the "Old World". You may find examples of her art by clicking on the link. Selecting any image will allow you to see Marie's gallery in more detail.

Contact me if you would like further information on how to obtain prints or on being part of the artist's retreat at La Belle Ancienne.


Trippin' down Memory Lane

...to old stomping grounds on the Galgenstraat in Amsterdam. My bike is long gone but looks like this one found a home! This latest sojourn brought back loads of warmth (though weather was on the chilly side). Thankfully, friends, family and musical colleagues still abound in these parts. Seems no matter how long I stay in A'dam it is never enough.

On to Barcelona and a season in southern France ~ full of sunshine, wine and work.
Monsieur TeRonde was invaluable. You'll find renovations posted to La Belle Ancienne's site.


Underwater Adventures 

Time for a much needed holiday ~ ~ and where could there be a cooler place but with my dear friend, Tamara, living on the island of Ambergris Caye in beautiful Belize... words cannot describe what my mate, Tom and I experienced here - on both land and sea. Snorkeling off the Belize Barrier Reef and expeditions to Mayan ruins (on the mainland and beyond) were particularly impressive.



"Old World"

This is one of many photographs that my dear friend and fine artist from southern France, Marie Vigroux has created. Having a way of exposing the intricacies of a seemingly simple subject she grabs the viewer's attention in a refreshing twist. I am working on a proposal for select pieces of her work to be displayed and available for purchase in the future.

Music-wise, I have been commissioned to compose a 'winter cd' to be released in time for the holidays; modified compositions from baroque, classical and contemporary periods.


"Tale of Two Worlds"

30 minutes well spent.


(21/03/98 - 17/07/13)

This remarkable cat gave me over fifteen years of laughter and joy with his mischievous nature and affection. Those polydactyl paws were absolutely the coolest mitts I ever laid my eyes upon and this boy used them with style and grace. I truly believe animals are here to help us learn important lessons with their unconditional love and ability to live in the moment.

Zeus, my friend, may your energy live on ~ ~ ~



Baby, it's cold outside

...but this image was too cool to pass by ~ from (inside) a snowy day in north country usa...

And so it is ~ featured on the WINTER CD ~ ~ yes, it's in the bag! Off to the north pole to get pressed. Release date is looking like December 1st - just in time for the holidays. It sure feels exciting and the challenge was well worth the effort. I like to be fluid (change is good) so this time around I delved into my university days and played around with classical studies, fondly recalled. The concept certainly has a European flavour, including some obscure folk tunes. Check out the audio samples on this site or on CD Baby, if you like ~ the musicians showcased are superb! How lucky I am to work with such talent.