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Album Notes

Sohre's latest project, Light Years Away, has a cinematic feel ~ fusing elements from past works: surrealism, impressionism, neo-classical and world beat progressions.

Chris arranged and recorded most of this album at her studio in Washington state, bringing in a core of familiar faces...


Chad Quist rocks the electric guitar on six of the eight songs, alongside Michael Manring and his fine signature style of bass. English horn and oboe features Karen Gheorghiu while Jami Sieber bows acoustic cello this time around.

Carl Dexter adds contrabass and his daughter, Fuchsia Dexter, plays a spirited viola and violin on two cuts. Tom TeRonde, Valerie Cochran and Jennifer Witherspoon form the "Love Train Choir" and Jack Burr muses with the Hummingbird...

Mariana Sadovska and Kitka generously approved the use and adaptation of their vocal arrangement on Oj u Horodi ~ a traditional Ukrainian folk song. A big gratuitous thank you to these talented women!

James Kennedy, also gave his blessings on Chris' further morphing of a song he fleshed out many moons ago: In My Heart.

See detailed  Musician Credits  for all songs.


Sohre composed, arranged and produced Light Years Away for her indie label, Fleeting Echoes Ltd.

John Herchenrider was principal mix engineer and co-producer. Being a huge force in development of this project, he dialed in from Alaska (a studio in Sitka, on his boat and in Warm Springs Bay).

Besides offering crittique during the project, Marty Eigenberger, another close colleague over the years, added lyrics to three of the pieces.

Mastering was done by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio in Nashville, TN.

Album Art

Lighthouse photography was shot in Wales, UK by Marty Eigenberger, who also added graphics. CD face image was captured on Lake Michigan during total lunar eclipse by Sohre.


 1.   Migration   3:35
 2.   Hummingbird   4:53
 3.   Oj u Horodi   4:11
 4.   Nomad   4:09
 5.   Love Light Up /   5:47
 6.   / Slow Burn   4:57
 7.   In My Heart   5:13
 8.   Chillout   3:57

Light Years Away  LISTEN

Light Years Away is packaged in an eco-friendly CD jacket, using non-toxic vegetable-based, biodegradable inks on recycled board stock, 100% made in the USA .

This CD (as well as all other albums listed on this site) may be purchased directly via Fleeting Echoes for only $10 each ~ and that includes shipping :)
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